Sample Bill Descriptions
From the August 24, 2007 issue of the Legislative Update

* AB 978 : Benoit *
Community Care Facilities
SB 197 : Ducheny
Child Care Eligibility: Foster Care
This bill would require the Department of Social Services to report all violations that pose an immediate health or safety risk and record the final resolution of all complaint investigations. The bill would require unannounced follow-up visits within 30 days to ensure compliance with temporary suspension orders, revocation orders, and orders of exclusion. It would define serious violations for which the department could levy higher civil penalties (up to $150 per day) such as fire clearance, absence of supervision, accessible bodies of water, accessible firearms or ammunition, refused entry to a facility and presence of an excluded person on the premises. The bill would clarify that family child care homes are subject to the same civil penalties as other community care facilities. It would require funds received from civil penalties to be used to ensure the health and safety of individuals cared for by licensees, including providing training, technical assistance, and education to licensees. Urgency Measure
Amended 8/20/07: This amendment would exempt the 2007-08 fiscal year from the requirement to increase visits when violations are found. It would also determine the amount of the civil penalty for serious violations to be exactly $150 per day per violation.
Consultant: David Duran (916) 319-2064
Status: Senate Appropriations Suspense
This bill would permit a foster child to continue to receive subsidized child care services when transferred to a new foster care placement if there is an ongoing need for services and the child remains with the same child care provider or transfers to a child care provider within the same service area.
Sponsor: County of San Diego (916) 446-6752
Last amended: 7/10/07
Consultant: Erika Johnson (916) 651-4040
Hearing: Assembly Appropriations Suspense 8/29, 8/30

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