About the Bill Index

The bill index uses frames to access the information about bills covered by On the Capitol Doorstep. To use the index, please select a year from the menu at the top of the page and then choose a category from the menu on the left of the page. (When a year is selected, the Child Care and Preschool category for that year will be displayed. To view a different category, select it from the menu on the left.) If the desired year has already been selected, you may simply choose a category. Some years or categories may not be available as we are in the process of putting this information in a web accessible format.

Category listings give the bill numbers, titles, and final status of all bills that appeared in On the Capitol Doorstep that year. For bills that were Chaptered (signed into law), further description can be obtained from the October issue of OTCD for that year. The Master list for each year lists all the bills for the year (in numerical order) and the category to which the bill was assigned. Copies of recent bills (1993 to present) can be obtained from the Legislative Counsel's web site.

This page last updated 7/5/01.