2005 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Care & Preschool
AB 66PavleyTwo-year KindergartenTwo-year bill
AB 109ChanCalifornia First 5: Conflict of InterestChapter 284
AB 113CohnSex Offenders: Residence RestrictionsChild care provisions deleted
AB 122SpitzerChild Care: Liability InsuranceTwo-year bill
AB 172ChanPreschool for AllTwo-year bill
AB 266DeVoreLarge Family Child Care Home PermitsFailed
AB 507DaucherHealth Club Child CareTwo-year bill
AB 617BenoitChild Care Facilities: Letter GradesTwo-year bill
AB 633BenoitChild Care: Notification RequirementsTwo-year bill
AB 788MontañezFamily Child Care Training PilotTwo-year bill
AB 811MatthewsLicensing ConsolidationTwo-year bill
AB 812MatthewsBackground Check ConsolidationDropped
AB 927MullinSchool Readiness CentersVetoed
AB 1032JonesPreschool Professional DevelopmentTwo-year bill
AB 1034SpitzerChild Care: Drug TraffickingChild care provisions deleted
AB 1095MullinChild Care Centers: Training DaysTwo-year bill
AB 1144HarmanPlayground SafetyTwo-year bill
AB 1246WolkPreschool Standards & CurriculumTwo-year bill
AB 1254CotoPreschool: Limited English ProficiencyTwo-year bill
AB 1285MontañezRetention: LA Family Child CareChapter 650
AB 1298EvansAssistance programs: ConformityTwo-year bill
AB 1394RunnerKindergarten Entrance Age and Child Care and DevelopmentTwo-year bill
AB 1565PavleyChild Care Facilities: Star Rating SystemVetoed
AB 1601LairdTrustline Registration ProcessTwo-year bill
AB 1680DaucherTwo-year KindergartenDropped
AB 1697PavleyChild Care Facilities: Air QualityTwo-year bill
SB 34FlorezCalifornia First 5: MembershipProvisions deleted
SB 35FlorezCalifornia First 5: Audit RequirementsChapter 243
SB 63Budget & Fiscal ReviewEducation Budget Trailer BillChapter 73
SB 68Budget & Fiscal ReviewHuman Services Budget Trailer BillChapter 78
SB 277BattinSex Offenders: Residence RestrictionsFailed
SB 377OrtizHealthy Family and Medi-Cal EligibilityProvisions deleted
SB 539AshburnLicense-Exempt Providers: TrustlineTwo-year bill
SB 638TorlaksonPhysical Education GuidelinesTwo-year bill
SB 640EscutiaChild Care: DisabilitiesChapter 379
SB 701MigdenSan Francisco Child Care Subsidy PlanChapter 725
SB 707KehoeAfter School ProgramsChapter 553
SB 854Ashburn21st Century Community Learning CentersChapter 555
SB 875RunnerAfter School Programs: Career Technical EducationChapter 353

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