1990 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Care & Preschool
AB 77MooreFamily Care LeaveVetoed
AB 87O'ConnellEarly Primary ProgramsProvisions deleted
AB 149AllenInterdistrict Transfer: Child CareChapter 10
AB 236CluteSchools Bonds, Including Child CareChapter 578/
Proposition 146 (Passed)
AB 312EastinGAIN Program ChangesChapter 1568
AB 421AllenLegislative Employees: Child CareChapter 181
AB 437N. WatersChild Care Facilities Loan FundFailed
AB 819BatesAdministrative CleanupVetoed
AB 1428HanniganResource & Referral ExpansionChapter 1331
AB 1491AllenConflicting Child Care Laws and RegulationsDropped
AB 1706BatesTransitional Child CareChapter 35
AB 1715FriedmanFamily Day Care InsuranceVetoed
AB 1772RoosRedevelopment PlansDropped
AB 1791KatzPark & Ride CentersChild care deleted
AB 1853SpeierChild Care Partnership CouncilVetoed
AB 1960HansenEmergency Substitute TeachersDropped
AB 2030W. BrownPreschool ServicesProvisions deleted
AB 2101W. BrownCoordinated Children's ServicesVetoed
AB 2246HughesAfter-School ActivitiesDied
AB 2348HarveyUnlicensed Child CareAmended into AB 2989
AB 2580TransportationOmnibus Transportation BillDied
AB 2674RoosAdolescent Family LifeChapter 720
AB 2716MooreUnfounded Child Abuse ReportsVetoed
AB 2740CorteseSanta Clara Transit: Child CareChapter 147
AB 2818ChaconMeasles ImmunizationsDied
AB 2904EastinPrekindergarten Summer ProgramDropped
AB 2915FloydState Employees Child CareVetoed
AB 2921MooreSchool Breakfast for Needy ChildrenDied
AB 2955SpeierChild Life ProjectFailed
AB 2973TuckerIntegrated Learning Program for K-6Vetoed
AB 2988HunterFirst Aid: Immunity from LiabilityDropped
AB 2989HunterLicensure Witness Expenses; Unlicensed FacilitiesChapter 1488
AB 3094HarrisConsultants for At-Risk ChildrenVetoed
AB 3235LeslieChronically Ill ChildrenDropped
AB 3297BatesDependent Care Planning GrantsFailed
AB 3347BatesFamily Resource Centers, Including Child CareFailed
AB 3380BakerChild Supervision ProgramsChapter 1006
AB 3413PolancoPediatric Day Health and Respite Care LicensureChapter 1227
AB 3431CluteAfter-School Program GuideVetoed
AB 3451HanniganMildly Handicapped PreschoolersChapter 184
AB 3545N. WatersHealth Training RequirementsVetoed
AB 3552RoosSpecial Needs Children: Respite CareChapter 1394
AB 3644VasconcellosSelf-Esteem Training & CurriculumVetoed
AB 3646VasconcellosParents As Teachers ProgramChapter 1471
AB 3694MooreSchool-Based Coordination of Children's ServicesDropped
AB 3969CalderonPreschools for Limited-English Speaking ChildrenDropped
AB 4000Royal-AllardRestraining OrdersChapter 752
AB 4055M. WatersChild Abuse Prevention TrainingVetoed
AB 4155N. WatersChildren With Exceptional Needs: Resource & Referral ServicesVetoed
AB 4163BatesOffice on the FamilyDied
AB 4316LeslieLicensure ExemptionsChapter 388
AB 4340MurrayStandard Reimbursement RateDied
AB 4345MurrayState Preschool RatesVetoed
AB 4346MurrayLatchkey CleanupAmended into SB 2603
ACR 108MurrayMeasurable Quality StandardsChapter R-91
SB 78WatsonChild Care Bond IssueChapter 922/
Proposition 151 (Failed)
SB 79L. GreeneCOLA RestorationDied
SB 173L. GreeneSchool Bonds, Including Child CareChapter 24/
Proposition 123 (Passed)
SB 257TorresParental LeaveDropped
SB 258TorresRecreation and FitnessDropped
SB 259TorresChild Care Master Plan: Federal ConformityVetoed
SB 265RobbinsCourt Waiting RoomsDied
SB 540RogersYoung Child Tax CreditDropped
SB 627RoyceGAIN Program ChangesDied
SB 866MarksIntegrated Family ServicesDied
SB 867RobbinsVan Nuys Child Care CenterVetoed
SB 1274HartRestructuring Public EducationChapter 1556
SB 1321SeymourSubstance-Involved ChildrenDropped
SB 1331PresleyROP Option for Child Care TeachersChapter 21
SB 1846TorresChild Care for Homeless FamiliesDied
SB 1854MorganCommunity Colleges: Code CleanupChapter 1372
SB 1919TorresRatios and Staffing for Nonprofit After-School ProgramsDied
SB 1948SeymourChild Care Self-InsuranceDropped
SB 2020MorganParenting Skills InstructionDied
SB 2029McCorquodalePregnant and Parenting TeensVetoed
SB 2081RobertiExceptional Needs Child CareAmended into SB 2194
SB 2143MorganAssumption of Student LoansVetoed
SB 2180LockyerEmployment Support for ParoleesVetoed
SB 2194MorganChildren With Exceptional Needs: Access to Child CareChapter 1596
SB 2208MorganNew Infant Tax Credit; Existing Child Care Tax CreditChapter 1347
SB 2218DillsOut-of-Town Child Care for State EmployeesDropped
SB 2266MorganCalifornia Full Immunization ActChapter 606
SB 2280WatsonEarly Intervention for School SuccessVetoed
SB 2293WatsonFamily Day Care InsuranceChapter 1050
SB 2295MorganPlacement of GAIN ChildrenChapter 1141
SB 2342KilleaOne-Use Disposable DiapersVetoed
SB 2374PresleyState Advisory CommitteesChapter 1455
SB 2377PresleyChild Care Licensing Review PanelChapter 608
SB 2379PresleyDepartment of Children's ServicesVetoed
SB 2407WatsonSingle-Entry Eligibility: Head StartHead Start deleted
SB 2423RoyceChild Abuse Reports: Notification of Licensing AgenciesChapter 650
SB 2603RobertiLatchkey CleanupVetoed
SB 2682HartFamily Day Care InsuranceVetoed
SB 2733RosenthalPublic PlaygroundsChapter 1163
SB 2802NielsenCommission on Master Plan for Children's ServicesVetoed
SB 2887DoolittleChild Abuse Check RepealDropped
SCR 81MorganSecretary of Child DevelopmentChapter R-130

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